Jonathan R Newman


Jonathan is a PhD candidate at Auburn University, studying economics. Research interests include history of thought, labor economics, and method. Current research involves the wages fund/subsistence fund, capital theory, and education.

The Blog

“My one purpose in writing […] is simply to provide a kind of catharsis for my own thoughts. They worry me until they are set forth in words.. This may be a kind of insanity, but at all events it is free of moral purpose” – H.L. Mencken

I think things out by writing things down. It forces me to organize my thoughts and I can tell myself I’m being productive in the process. So, take these posts for what they are: a graduate student’s ramblings on unfinished, unrefined, disorganized thoughts on economics and maybe some other topics.

And if you ask me about something I haven’t written about, you might get a response like this:

Saul Bellow, when asked how he felt about winning the Nobel Prize, said: “I don’t know. I haven’t written about it yet.”

“Econ Off the Shelf” references a couple things: pulling old books off the shelf and buying goods “off the shelf”. The blog will try to connect history of thought with contemporary discussions, and in “off-the-shelf”, ready-to-go-sized pieces.

Permission to reprint is freely granted.


One response to “Jonathan R Newman

  1. You soooooo have a free meal coming to you!! Thanks for all you wrote!!


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