Link Parade: 5.22.15

I just read On Writing Well by William Zinsser a few days before he died last week. The book was great, but I especially appreciated his treatment of political speech and writing. Politicians take circuitous, winding routes to say what they want to say, and rely on a lot of platitudes. FEE acknowledged his passing and his remarks on F.A. Hayek’s writing.

Kansas has started charging fees for cash withdrawals of $25 or more for welfare recipients. Not really a part of what is now being called the “War on Cash” (since it is through welfare–if we are going to have public welfare, it should be in-kind), but we can still point to it as an example of the government discouraging the use of cash to have more oversight on people’s purchases and the use of their money.

Great posts on the Mises blog this week, including David Gordon on knowing the great thinkers in the history of economic thought, Ryan McMaken on the beepocalypse and the Fed’s performance on the Amazon bestseller listCarmen Dorobăț on the UK’s response to “negative inflation” (speaking of political language), and (obviously as a “best-of” type post) Rothbard on Adam Smith.

Adam Smith (1723-90) is a mystery in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. The mystery is the enormous and unprecedented gap between Smith’s exalted reputation and the reality of his dubious contribution to economic thought.

Robert Murphy on people complaining about 88 cent gallons of water. I actually use these for coffee in the morning. Makes a much fresher tasting coffee than water from the tap.

Having a bad week? At least you (probably) didn’t lose $15,000,000,000.



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