Arigato Sushi Boutique

Arigato has the best sushi in Auburn. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much, but it is good enough on its own merit, too.

Arigato has two Auburn locations: downtown and South College. The menu and the quality of the sushi are the same at both places–the only notable difference between them is the atmosphere. The one downtown is darker and smaller (even a little cramped), while the one on South College is brighter, larger, and more open.

My taste for sushi is still developing, but I can say that everything has tasted fresh. Lauren doesn’t go for the rolls with raw fish, but the bites of hers I’ve tried tasted good, too. I usually go for the Arigato roll, which is like a Rainbow roll with some sauce zig-zagged on top. Lauren goes for the Yammy Yammy roll, which has crab, avocado, and cream cheese and comes in large diameter slices.

We haven’t tried any of the other entrees, but Lauren likes their miso soup and creamy ginger salad. I like Naruto’s ginger dressing better than Arigato’s, but it’s still good.

They have great prices for what you get (above average sushi). Gimmick alert: All the sushi is always half price (or are the prices on the menu always double? hmmm…), which brings each roll below $8.

At lunch they have an all-you-can-eat sushi deal for $10 (limited selection) or $15 (expanded/premium selection and you get soup and salad). For me, though, one roll is enough. I’ve tried this deal before, but it turned into a game for me to try to get my money’s worth out of the sushi and getting full instead of enjoying the flavor and savoring each bite like you should with sushi. If you can handle a belly full of rice and raw fish, go for it.

The service is hit or miss. Be prepared to wait a while for your food if it’s crowded. Also, don’t expect southern charm and hospitality. It seems the young wait staff mentally vacate to California or something when they show up for work. The service isn’t bad, it’s just not always zippy and smiley like other places in Auburn.

In all, though, I recommend Arigato, but only if you like sushi and if you go with an understanding that they’re kind of a fish out of water being in Auburn (pun totally intended).


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