Link Parade: 4.17.15 – Death & Taxes Edition

Taxes – The Charlotte Observer observes: “The paperwork headache aside, tax season generates $300 billion in tax refunds each year, a big boost for Americans’ pocketbooks and for the overall economy.” I propose that we tax even more and refund the increase for an even bigger boost to the economy! Bastiat is turning in his grave.

Death – The FDA’s incentive structure for approving or withholding a drug is lopsided toward making Type II errors because they are (speaking of Bastiat) unseen. Ben Powell brushes this well-known issue aside and just asks why patients and doctors have to ask permission from some uninvolved bureaucrat to use a promising treatment in the first place.

Taxes – NYT op-ed urges us to shame people who avoid taxes. It’s not satire.

Death & TaxesChristine Harbin Hanson surveys the (alleged) pros and (well-cited) cons of the “death tax”, and, well, kills it.

Not Death or Taxes – Louis Rouanet has been working on a paper on Michel Chevalier’s arguments against patents, which predate and anticipate a lot of the contemporary arguments. Some of this work was posted today as a Mises Daily–check it out.


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