Sheila C’s Burger Barn

Louis Rouanet and I went to Sheila C’s Burger Barn for a late lunch rendez-vous this week. À propos de Louis’ home country, I’m going to have some fun with this review and include as many French words as I raisonnablement can.

They just made their début a few weeks ago, and so are sans permanent signage and a few other fixtures unrelated to the actual production of burgers. However, the food and the attitude are straight from the old-fashioned burger joint that’s been in your small hometown since before you were born. It is the opposite of chic–the opposite of avant-garde. Look for them in the (currently) unmarked building next to the Shell station and Hardee’s* where Shug Jordan and Wire Road intersect.

They serve big burgers. I have a big appetite, and the single-patty burger au gratin was enough for me. The buns are wide, but they’re not hiding a small patty underneath. Nor do they skimp on the accoutrements. Au contraire, you get a healthy helping of bacon, fat slices of tomato, plenty of pickles, and all the other standard burger condiments. Sheila C herself told me that they will cater to anybody’s preferences when it comes to condiment proportions. I like a lot of mayo–I got a lot of mayo. I like a lot of bacon–I got a lot of bacon. I like just enough mustard to taste it–I got precisely enough mustard to taste it.

The prices are reasonable and suit your appetite–à chacun son goût. A regular burger, à la carte, is $5.50. A double cheeseburger with bacon, fries, and a drink is $13. Before I ordered, I was confused about why a whole extra patty is $1.50, while bacon is $2, but then I got the pile of bacon on my burger and realized why.

The déco is simple and southern. They have country bric-à-brac, the “You been farming long?” picture, and a Coke billboard with arrangeable letters as their menu.

The Burger Barn’s coup de grâce, though, is not the food or the atmosphere, but the people. Sheila C cares about her burgers and wants every customer to leave full and happy. She’s intent on garnering a fan base and regular customers for her young business, but if she just keeps serving burgers like the one I had, she won’t have any trouble at all. So, go to Sheila C’s Burger Barn, and bon appétit!

*Don’t go to that Hardee’s.


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